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SPAN, Software Processes Across NASA,  is the on-line library of guidance and assets for use with this NASA Software Engineering and Assurance Handbook. It is available to those with NASA access. 

New - SPAN in NEN

SPAN is moving to the Software Community of NEN (NASA Engineering Network). You will be redirected to the new SPAN in 10 seconds if you take no other action here. To get to the new SPAN faster, click on Go Directly to SPAN

Have SPAN Account

If you already have a SPAN account at GSFC you can click have SPAN account to go directly into SPAN. This old version of SPAN will be sunsetted 9/30/2021. 

Get SPAN Account - Click below to go to IDMAX to request access to old SPAN at GSFC

Go to IDMAX to request SPAN Access

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