List below will eventually include all active SWE Pages in SWE  number order along with the paragraph number from NPR 7150.2C, and the actual requirement text. For the purposes of this sampling, SWEs representing different histories are provided to demonstrate how the history pages could look. 

Two sample pages are also provided to show what a SWE page could look like if we added a link to the History pages into tab 1. 

A spreadsheet of the history for each SWE is also in the attached spreadsheet: NPR_7150.2_Rev_A_B_C_Comparison Kania.xlsx

SWE statements have been taken directly from the SWE pages and include the paragraph number from the NPR.

Two different presentations are provided. When released, only one style will be used, the others (including the 00x template pages) will be removed.

  • Stacked style shows the progression in a linear fashion with SWE versions separated by a row describing the transition from version to version. 
  • Non-stacked style, show the progression in the same linear fashion but with SWE versions in a column with a parallel column describing the transition from version to version.

The list below includes all SWE numbers and their history of use in all versions of the Software Engineering Handbook.