7/5/2018 - Updated

  • Description updated from "CoCoSim is a modular, integrated analysis framework for Simulink(c) models. It consists of a compiler and an interface to backend solvers (model checkers). It modularly compiles a Simulink(c) model (+ design property) into Lustre code. In principle CoCoSim can use any model checker that supprt Lustre code. The current version uses Zustre, Kind2 and Eldarica as the backend model checkers." to "CoCoSim is an automated analysis and code generation framework for Simulink and Stateflow models. Specifically, CoCoSim can be used to verify automatically user-supplied safety requirements. Moreover, CoCoSim can be used to generate C and/or Rust code. CoCoSim uses Lustre as its intermediate language. CoCoSim is currently under development."