{div4:style=margin:0px 0 0 0}This section contains guidance, rationale, and lists of useful resources and tools related to each and every one of the requirements in [NPR 7150.2|http://nodis3.gsfc.nasa.gov/displayDir.cfm?t=NPR&c=7150&s=2]. You can use the table below or to see the full text of all requirements and links to our guidance on each, follow this link: ?[7150:Full 7150.2A Requirements List].

(*y) \- newly added (Oct 21st, 2011), *TOTAL # OF SECTIONS RELEASED:* {color:#3366ff}{*}{+}75{+}{*}{color}


{handbookheader:title=_Chapter 1._ Introduction}
{div2:style=float:right;text-size:60%;position:relative;top:15px;}[Chapter 1 full text (NODIS)|http://nodis3.gsfc.nasa.gov/displayDir.cfm?Internal_ID=N_PR_7150_002A_&page_name=Chapter1]{div2}
{span:style=border:0px solid blue;background:#ffaf59;color:#0d1f30;padding:2px;}{*}SWE 001-006{*}{span}
(*y)[SWE-001 - Effective Date]

{handbookheader:title=_Chapter 2._ Software Management Requirements}
{div2:style=float:right;text-size:60%;position:relative;top:15px;}[Chapter 2 full text (NODIS)|http://nodis3.gsfc.nasa.gov/displayDir.cfm?Internal_ID=N_PR_7150_002A_&page_name=Chapter2]{div2}
{span:style=border:0px solid blue;background:#ffaf59;color:#0d1f30;padding:2px;}{*}SWE 013-048, 130-134{*}{span}
?[SWE-013 - Software Plans]
[SWE-014 - Execute Planning]
?[SWE-016 - Software Schedule]
(*y) [SWE-017 - Project and Software Training]
???[SWE-018 - Software Activities Review]
[SWE-019 - Software Life Cycle]
[SWE-021 - Transition to a Higher Class]
[SWE-022 - Software Assurance]
[SWE-023 - Software Safety]
??[SWE-024 - Plan Tracking]
??[SWE-025 - Corrective Actions]
??[SWE-026 - Commitment Change Agreements]
[SWE-027 - Use of Commercial, Government, and Legacy Software]
[SWE-029 - Validation Planning]
[SWE-031 - Validation Results]
[SWE-033 - Acquisition vs. Development Assessment]
[SWE-035 - Supplier Selection]
[SWE-037 - Software Milestones]
[SWE-038 - Acquisition Planning]
[SWE-043 - Track Change Request]
[SWE-045 - Project Participation in Audits]
[SWE-047 - Traceability Data]
[SWE-048 - Solicitation]



{handbookheader:title=_Chapter 3._ Software Engineering (Life-Cycle) Requirements}
{div2:style=float:right;text-size:60%;position:relative;top:15px;}[Chapter 3 full text (NODIS)|http://nodis3.gsfc.nasa.gov/displayDir.cfm?Internal_ID=N_PR_7150_002A_&page_name=Chapter3]{div2}
{span:style=border:0px solid blue;background:#ffaf59;color:#0d1f30;padding:2px;}{*}SWE 049-078,135,136{*}{span}
[SWE-049 - Document Software Requirements]
[SWE-052 - Bidirectional Traceability Between Higher Level Requirements and Software Requirements]
[SWE-053 - Manage Requirements Changes]
?[SWE-055 - Requirements Validation]
?[SWE-059 - Bidirectional Traceability]
[SWE-060 - Coding Software]
?(*y) [SWE-061 - Coding Standards]
?(*y) [SWE-062 - Unit Test]
?(*y) [SWE-063 - Release Version Description]
?(*y) [SWE-064 - Bidirectional Traceability]
?[SWE-065 - Test Plan, Procedures, Reports]
?[SWE-066 - Perform Testing]
?[SWE-067 - Verify Implementation]
[SWE-068 - Evaluate Test Results]
[SWE-069 - Document Defects and Track]
[SWE-071 - Update Plans and Procedures]
[SWE-072 - Bidirectional Traceability]
?[SWE-073 - Platform or Hi-Fidelity Simulations]
??[SWE-074 - Document Maintenance Plan]
????(*y)[SWE-075 - Plan Operations, Maintenance, Retirement]
(*y)[SWE-076 - Implement Operations, Maintenance, and Retirement Activities]
(*y)[SWE-077 - Deliver Software Products]
(*y)[SWE-078 - As-built Documentation]

{handbookheader}{handbookheader:title=_Chapter 4._ Supporting Software Life-Cycle Requirements}
{div2:style=float:right;text-size:60%;position:relative;top:15px;}[Chapter 4 full text (NODIS)|http://nodis3.gsfc.nasa.gov/displayDir.cfm?Internal_ID=N_PR_7150_002A_&page_name=Chapter4]{div2}
{span:style=border:0px solid blue;background:#ffaf59;color:#0d1f30;padding:2px;}{*}SWE 079-101,137{*}{span}
?[SWE-079 - Develop CM Plan]
[SWE-080 - Track and Evaluate Changes]
[SWE-081 - Identify Software CM Items]
[SWE-082 - Authorizing Changes]
[SWE-083 - Status Accounting]
?[SWE-084 - Configuration Audits]
[SWE-085 - Release Management]
??(*y)[SWE-098 - Agency PAL]
(*y)[SWE-099 - Center PAL Reviews]


{handbookheader:title=_Chapter 5._ Software Documentation Requirements}
{div2:style=float:right;text-size:60%;position:relative;top:15px;}[Chapter 5 full text (NODIS)|http://nodis3.gsfc.nasa.gov/displayDir.cfm?Internal_ID=N_PR_7150_002A_&page_name=Chapter5]{div2}
{span:style=border:0px solid blue;background:#ffaf59;color:#0d1f30;padding:2px;}{*}SWE 102-119{*}{span}
[SWE-103 - Software CM Plan]
?[SWE-104 - Software Test Plan]
?(*y)[SWE-105 - Software Maintenance Plan]
?[SWE-106 - Software Assurance Plan]
[SWE-109 - Software Requirements Specification]
[SWE-113 - SW Change Request_Problem Report]
?[SWE-114 - Software Test Procedures]
?[SWE-115 - Software User Manual]
?[SWE-118 - Software Test Report]

{handbookheader}{handbookheader:title=_Chapter 6.\_ Tailoring, Engineering Technical Authority, and Compliance Measurement}
{div2:style=float:right;text-size:60%;position:relative;top:15px;}[Chapter 6 full text (NODIS)|http://nodis3.gsfc.nasa.gov/displayDir.cfm?Internal_ID=N_PR_7150_002A_&page_name=Chapter6]{div2}
{span:style=border:0px solid blue;background:#ffaf59;color:#0d1f30;padding:2px;}{*}SWE 120-129, 131, 139-140{*}{span}
?(*y)[SWE-120 - General Exclusion from Requirements]
[SWE-121-Document Alternate Requirements]
[SWE-122 - Technical Authority Appointment]
??[SWE-124 - ETA OCE Compliance]
??[SWE-125 - Requirements Compliance Matrix]
??[SWE-126 - Waiver and Deviation Considerations]
??[SWE-127 - P (Center) OCE Concurrence]
??[SWE-128 - Technical Authority Records]
??[SWE-129 - OCE NPR Appraisals]
[SWE-131 - Independent Verification and Validation Project Execution Plan]
?(*y) [SWE-139 - Shall Statements]
[SWE-140 - Partial Center (P(Center)) Requirements]