On March 23 and 24, 2023 there will be software updates made in the Software Engineering Handbook. During those days there may will some short outages as the servers are updated and restarted with the new software. If you try to access SWEHB and find it unavailable, please be patient and try again later. We will attempt to make outages as short as possible and during off business hours. 

Updates have been made to:

Updates include additional examples and references. Also, the "gcov" tool is discussed.

Requirements pages have been reformatted and updated with new lists of ALL NPR 7150.2D Requirements in Numeric Order. 

  • B. Institutional Requirements
  • C. Project Software Requirements

Introductory remarks have been shortened by putting the content in expanding sections ("Click to see ...")

Each page has a new section below the introductory remarks. The new section contains two expanding displays of ALL SWEs. 

  • First, is a list of all SWE pages in Numeric Order. Each entry is a link to the SWE page. 
  • Second, is a list of all SWE pages along with the text of the requirement in numeric Order. Each SWE entry is a link to the SWE page. 

When expanded, you my use your browser's "Find" function to look for key words in the SWE titles or requirements on the browser page.  

Additionally, the link to "New in SWEHB" link has been added at the top of both Requirements pages. 

The SWEHB has a new look. A Blog will be used to advise you of major changes in SWEHB.

  • INTRODUCTION page has a listing of the latest 5 blog posts.
  • The link "New in SWEHB" will appear above the tabs on main SWEHB pages. it will open a page with the full Blog history. 

More changes will be published as they are implemented. 

"New in SWEHB" is a list of the full blog history, ordered from most recent to oldest. 

To view the full blog history, click on the "New in SWEHB" link on any major page.