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01. Facility SW Safety Considerations
12. Resources

Facility Software Safety Considerations


Facility software system safety exists to ensure the safe and continuous operation of software associated with ground-based facilities.

The objectives are to:

  1. Ensure that the appropriate safety hazard analysis includes any facility software considerations and software controls
  2. Use the appropriate safety hazard analysis to Identify any software hazards;
    1. Use the identified hazards to determine if any of the software is safety-critical software.
    2. Use the Software Assurance and Software Safety Standard, NASA-STD-8739.8
      , to determine if the software is considered to be software safety criticality.
    3. Determine the risk of hazards in terms of severity and probability,
    4. Recommend controls that will eliminate the hazard or reduce the risk of the software related hazard.
    5. Communicate the risks of the hazards to the appropriate authority
    6. Determine and implement the appropriate software safety-critical requirements contained the Software Assurance and Software Safety Standard, NASA-STD-8739.8 for the facility software
  3. Ensure that designated facilities/systems software and other associated documentation is under the appropriate level of configuration management., Document, and maintain configuration control of software.
  4. Identify appropriate software risk mitigations for the software safety-critical elements.
  5. Document and maintain standard operating procedures for the software operation for use by operating personnel.
  6. Ensure facility personnel and facility software assurance personnel review any software changes that affect safety or operations. Ensure any changes in operating procedures are communicated to all facility personnel.

2. Resources

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