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h1. 1. Requirements

add5.2.5.1 The Software Change Request/Problem Report shall contain: \[SWE-113\]

a.    Identification of the software item.

b.    Description of the problem or change to enable problem resolution or justification for and the nature of the change, including: assumptions/ constraints and change to correct software error.

c.    Originator of Software Change Request/Problem Report and originator's assessment of priority/severity.

d.    Description of the corrective action taken to resolve the reported problem or analysis and evaluation of the change or problem, changed software configuration item, schedules, cost, products, or test.

e.    Life-cycle phase in which problem was discovered or in which change was requested.

f.     Approval or disapproval of Software Change Request/Problem Report.

g.    Verification of the implementation and release of modified system.

h.    Date problem discovered.

i.      Status of problem.

j.      Identify any safety-related aspects/considerations/ impacts associated with the proposed change and/or identified problem.

k.    Configuration of system and software when problem is identified (e.g., system/software configuration identifier or list of components and their versions).

l.      Any workaround to the problem that can be used while a change is being developed or tested.

h2. {color:#003366}{*}1.1 Notes{*}{color}

NPR 7150.2A does not include any notes for this requirementNote: The Software Change Request/Problem Report provides a means for identifying and recording the resolution to software anomalous behavior, process non-compliance with plans and standards, and deficiencies in life-cycle data or for identifying and recording the implementation of a change or modification in a software item.

h2. 1.2 Implementation Notes from Appendix D

NPR 7150.2A2 does not include any notes for this requirement.

h2. 1.3 Applicability Across Classes


add C through E and Safety Critical are labeled, "P(Center) + SO".  This means that this requirement applies to the safety-critical aspects of the software and that an approved Center-defined process which meets a non-empty subset of the full requirement can be used to achieve this requirement

Class F and Class G are labeled "X (not OTS)".  This means that this requirement does not apply to off-the-shelf software for these classes.


h1. 2. Rationale


h1. 3. Guidance


h1. 4. Small Projects


h1. 5. Resources

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h2. 5.1 Tools


h2. 6. Lessons Learned