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h3. 5.1 - Introduction

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h3. 5.2 - Tracability to Other NASA Procedural Requirements (NPRs)

Documents in this section:
* NPR-7123.1A (NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements) [Link to source document at NODIS|]
* NPR-7120.5D (NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements) [Link to source document at NODIS|]
* NPR-7120.4D (NASA Engineering and Program/Project Management Policy) [Link to source document at NODIS|]

This spreadsheet identifies relationships between the requirements ("shall" statements) in NPR 7150.2A for Software Engineering, and the parent policy NPD 7120.4D addressing Engineering and Program/Project Management, NPR 7123.1 addressing Systems Engineering, and NPR 7120.5 (NM 7120-18) addressing Program and Project Management.

Draft versions of this spreadsheet were reviewed by the NPR 7150.2A guidance handbook team as well as OCE representatives before being approved for use by the NASA community.

Because this spreadsheet was generated as a guidance tool for NPR 7150.2A, the NPR 7150.2A requirements are listed in the chart along with their identifiers (SWE numbers).  All requirements mapped to the NPR 7150.2A requirements are identified by the clause number in their respective document.  Empty cells indicate no related requirement in that particular document.  Clarifying phrases and references to appendices where explanatory details are found are noted throughout the spreadsheet.

h3. 5.5 - Traceability to NASA-STD-8739.8 (Standard for Software Assurance)

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h3. 5.6 - Traceability to NASA-STD-8719.13B (Software Safety)

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