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See glueware definition. (Source: both NPR 7150.2A and NPR 7150.2B - Appendix A)

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    Without it, many of the goods manufactured or grown would be damaged or spoiled before they reached the shops. In less developed countries without the sophisticated distribution and packaging systems that we have in the UK, as much as 50% of food never reaches consumers.
    Some goods (such as fruit and vegetables) do not need any protection for shoppers to carry them home – but none could be transported from producer to shop without packaging. Packaging involves a multi-stage process for getting goods from production to consumption. It includes primary or sales packaging (what we take home), secondary packaging (boxes, trays and film wrap that group the items together) and transport packaging (cartons, larger containers and pallets that allow the grouped items to be loaded onto lorries). The packaging for all three stages is chosen in combination to provide the right level of protection to keep damage and wastage to a minimum