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A software product developed for one use but having other uses or one developed specifically to be usable on multiple projects or in multiple roles on one project. Examples include, but are not limited to, COTS products, acquirer-furnished software products, software products in reuse libraries, and pre-existing developer software products. Each use may include all or part of the software product and may involve its modification. This term can be applied to any software product (such as, requirements and architectures), not just to software code itself. Often this is software previously written by an in-house development team and used on a different project. GOTS software would come under this category if the product is supplied from one Government project to another Government project. (Definition from source document: NASA-GB-8719.13, NASA Software Safety Guidebook.) (Source: both NPR 7150.2A and NPR 7150.2B - Appendix A)

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