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NASA STD 8719.13 (Rev C ) , Document Date: 2013-05-07

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“Use of ... reused software that is not developed specifically for the safety-critical system can be risky.  The software in this category includes ... previously created software (e.g., from a past project).  It is important to evaluate the differences between how the ... reused software will be used within the new system, and how it was used in previous systems.  The differences in operational constraints or configuration of the software may affect the operation of the ... reused software, sometimes in unexpected ways.”

"The provider software safety requirements analysis will be available to the acquirer and the acquirer SMA for program, project, and facility formal reviews, system-level safety reviews, and upon acquirer request."

7.7.8 Operational documentation, including user manuals and procedures, will describe all safety related commands, data, input sequences, options, error messages, corrective actions, and other items necessary for the safe operation of the system which software implements.

7.7.9 The provider SMA responsible for operations and maintenance shall evaluate user manuals and procedures (including updates) for safety-related commands, data, input sequences, options, error messages, corrective actions, and other items implemented in software which are necessary for the safe operation of the system, and for any safety impacts. This will ensure that any software-related hazard closures that depend on operational workarounds are properly documented.