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Systems and software engineering - Software life cycle processes

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SWE-005, SWE-019, SWE-028, SWE-045, SWE-056, SWE-057, SWE-058, SWE-073, SWE-075, SWE-077, SWE-102, SWE-105, SWE-110, SWE-136, SWE-143, Topic 5.04, Topic 5.07, Topic 5.08, Topic 7.12, Topic 7.18, SDP, Maint, SDD,

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ISO/IEC 12207, IEEE Std 12207-2008, 2008. IEEE Computer Society,

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Quotes used in SWEs and Topics - “The system architecture and the requirements for the items shall be evaluated considering the criteria listed below. The results of the evaluations shall be documented.

a) Traceability to the system requirements.

b) Consistency with the system requirements.

c) Appropriateness of design standards and methods used.

d) Feasibility of the software items fulfilling their allocated requirements.

e) Feasibility of operation and maintenance.

NOTE System architecture traceability to the system requirements should also provide for traceability to the stakeholder requirements baseline.”

"The supplier shall conduct or support ... informal meetings, acceptance review, acceptance testing, joint reviews, and audits with the acquirer as specified in the contract and project plans."