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"A comprehensive coding standard encompasses all aspects of code construction. ...Properly completed source code reflects a harmonized style as if a single developer wrote the code in one session. At the inception of a software project, a coding standard is established to ensure that all developers are working in concert. When the software project incorporates existing source code or performs maintenance on an existing software system, the coding standard states how to deal with the existing codebase.
"The readability of source code has a direct impact on how well a developer comprehends a software system. Code maintainability refers to how easily that software system can be changed to add new features, modify existing features, fix bugs, or improve performance. Although readability and maintainability are the results of many factors, one particular facet of software development upon which all developers influence is the coding technique. One of the easiest methods to ensure a team of developers will yield quality code is to establish a coding standard, which is then enforced at routine code reviews"