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7150 Requirements Guidance

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NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements

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Intro, SWE-001, SWE-002, SWE-004, SWE-005, SWE-006, SWE-013, SWE-014, SWE-016, SWE-017, SWE-018, SWE-019, SWE-024, SWE-025, SWE-026, SWE-028, SWE-036, SWE-037, SWE-039, SWE-041, SWE-043, SWE-044, SWE-046, SWE-060, SWE-063, SWE-079, SWE-100, SWE-101, SWE-103, SWE-107, SWE-112, SWE-116, SWE-120, SWE-121, SWE-122, SWE-124, SWE-125, SWE-126, SWE-127, SWE-128, SWE-129, SWE-131, SWE-136, SWE-141, SWE-143, SWE-150, SWE-153, SWE-154, SWE-155, SWE-156, SWE-157, SWE-158, SWE-159, SWE-164, Topic 7.4, Topic 7.15, Topic 7.18, SCMP, IDD, SVD, Train,

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NPR 7120.5F, Office of the Chief Engineer, Effective Date: August 03, 2021,
Expiration Date: August 03, 2026,

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SWE-150 - Review Changes To Tailored Requirements - from para 3.5.2 a. 

“The request for relief from a requirement includes the rationale, a risk evaluation, and reference to all material that provides the justification supporting acceptance.”