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Active, SWE-014, SWE-016, SWE-031, SWE-051, SWE-056, SWE-062, SWE-073, SWE-074, SWE-075, SWE-086, SWE-102, SWE-105, SWE-108, SWE-111, Topic 5.04, Topic 5.08, Topic 5.09, Topic 5.13, Topic 7.18, Topic 8.54, CSIP, SwDD, Maint, SDP, SRS, SAANALYSIS,

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EI32-OI-001, Revision R, Flight and Ground Software Division, Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), 2010.

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This NASA-specific information and resource is available in Software Processes Across NASA (SPAN), accessible to NASA-users from the SPAN tab in this Handbook.

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"The Software Operation phase spans the time from execution of the software product in the target environment to software retirement. The Software Maintenance phase of the software life cycle begins after the successful completion of the formal test and delivery of the software product to the customer. This Software Maintenance phase overlaps the Software Operation phase and continues until software retirement or discontinuation of software support."